Tactical Training for Real People in Real Situations
When the moment comes will you be prepared?  Will you be confident in your
abilities or will you simply react?  Learn to respond with confidence from instructors
who trust their lives to their knowledge and ability to respond to any situation.  
Armor Tactical is comprised of only active, licensed police officers who are certified
police instructors and have the firm belief that every law abiding citizen should have
the knowledge and ability to protect themselves when law enforcement is not there.  
All classes are family friendly and all law abiding citizens are welcome.
Training for Real Situations
Why train for the situation that will probably never happen?  Train for the credible
situation, not the incredible situation.  Armor Tactical believes in mastering the
fundamentals, thus being able to handle all situations you may encounter.  If the
fundamentals are your's, when you do encounter the incredible situation you will
have the knowledge, ability, and plan of action to prevail.
Armor Tactical Instructors
At Armor Tactical all instructors are active, licensed police instructors with years of
experience.  Not only will you learn tactics and mindset, you will learn the law by
people that live it.  
Training Topics
See the Classes page for more detailed information.
License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) - State of Texas Handgun Licensing class.
LTC Refresher Course - Not a required course but offered free of charge to current
license holders who want to stay up to date on any new laws or changes in the LTC
program. Simply arrive at 9:00am to any scheduled LTC course and sit through the
class.  You will be dismissed prior to the exam.  Please let us know you plan on
Pistol Fundamentals - From beginner to advanced shooter this is a must have class.
Advanced Pistol - For the shooter who is ready to learn the dynamics and tactics of     
combat shooting.  Pistol Fundamentals is recommended prior to attending this class.
Shotgun Fundamentals - Nomenclature, cleaning, stance, shot pattern, which
ammunition is right for your environment, it's all covered in this class.  Great class
for anyone who may use a shotgun for self defense.
Advanced Shotgun - Tactical considerations and strategies of defense for the best
defensive weapon of all time.  Shotgun Fundamentals is recommended prior to
attending this class.
Practical Unarmed Defense - Mindset, attacker manipulation, ground defense,
conflict resolution, everyone should attend this class.  Great class for men and
Rifle Fundamentals - For the novice shooter, topics cover care and maintenance,
nomenclature, sighting the weapon, stoppages, basic equipment, and shooting

Weapon Selection
Due to recent legislative updates to the LTC laws; there is no longer any minimum
caliber requirement of your handgun you bring to the course.  It no longer matters if
the weapon is a semi-automatic or a revolver for LTC licensing purposes.  This
means any handgun will now be acceptable for attending the LTC course.
If qualifying with a borrowed weapon, the student should be familiar with the
functioning and operation of the weapon.  You may rent a weapon from us to be used
for qualifications but prior arrangements must be made.  We have numerous types of
weapons and will match the proper weapon for the individual shooter.  We charge
$25 for the rental and cleaning of the weapon.

Other classes and seminars are offered depending on the demand.  We will conduct
classes or seminars for individuals, businesses, groups, or associations as requested.
See the
Services page for further details.
"Of every 100 men 10 should not be there, 80 are nothing but targets, 9 are real fighters, we are
lucky to have them, they make the battle, ah but the ONE, one is a warrior and he will bring the
others back."  Be the ONE. - Heraclitus c. 500 BC
Armor Tactical
"A well regulated
militia, being necessary
to the security of a free
State, the right of the
people to keep and
bear arms shall not be
Second Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution