Armor Tactical
Congratulations! Now that you have successfully completed the
range qualification and State exam
(not as hard as you thought it was
going to be)
all you have to do is the online application and be
fingerprinted.  Follow the steps below and you're done.

General Information
You must go to the LTC website to complete your application.  However, before you
begin, here are a few things you should keep in mind.  Shortly after you complete the
application you will receive an email that allows you to print two different forms.  One
form is simply an instruction page, just read over that form to make sure you have
everything correct.  The other form will have a large bar code across the top of it.  On
the top of this bar coded receipt form it tells you to mail or upload the form to the LTC
division; the address is provided on the form.  The bar coded receipt form also
provides you with a check list to make sure you have provided everything the State
needs to begin processing your application. Make sure that you have included
everything on the check list or your application will be delayed until everything is
received by the State. Everything you need to provide to the State is detailed below
for you.  Finally, you will have to be fingerprinted.  When you complete the online
LTC application you will be asked if you would like to schedule to have your
fingerprints submitted to the State.  Just follow the prompts and your fingerprinting will
be scheduled.

You will need to complete your online application and then mail or upload the State
your required documentation they need to process your application.  

Required Documentation
What you need to mail to the State:
  • Photo Holder  (Only required for out of State applicants) Click here
  • LTC-100 (Provided at the end of the class)
  • Bar Coded Receipt (Printed after completion of application)
  • State Fee

Supporting Documentation
If you have applied for any special conditions (military/law enforcement discounts)
you will need to provide supporting documentation (DD 214, etc...) If you are
applying as a senior citizen you do not need to provide any supporting

(If you are applying as an active member of the U.S. Military you must provide a front
and back copy of your State Identification Card (Drivers License), a front and back
copy of your Military ID, and either a letter from your Commanding Officer stating
your current status and location of assignment or a copy of your current orders.  If
you are applying as a veteran of the U.S. Military you must provide a copy of your
DD 214 showing an honorable discharge.)

Fingerprinting Services
The State now uses a private company, L-1 Enrollment Services, to handle all
fingerprinting.  Your fingerprints will not be given to you but will be emailed directly
to the State.  You must complete the online application before you can schedule your
fingerprinting.  You can schedule your fingerprinting while completing your online
application.  If you choose not to schedule you fingerprinting at the time of your
application you can call L-1 Enrollment Services at 1(888) 467-2080 or go to their
website by clicking

It's that simple!  Click
here to begin your LTC application.  Congratulations, good
luck, and thank you for choosing Armor Tactical for your training needs.  It's truly our
honor to have been able to serve you!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
Sun Tzu