Armor Tactical
About Armor Tactical
Armor Tactical was founded on the fundamental belief that all law abiding citizens
should have the knowledge, skill, ability, and confidence to protect themselves and
their loved ones.  The company was founded due to active law enforcement officers,
who are also law enforcement trainers, that wanted their own families to be safe when
they were on duty and not there to ensure their safety.  As active police officers we see
the best of society and also the worst of society.  We proudly put ourselves in harms
way to protect and serve our communities but we never want to see our families in
harms way due to our profession.  As police trainers we decided to develop training for
our family members so they too will be prepared  to respond to a threat and not merely
react.  With this thought in mind, Armor Tactical was founded with emphasis on training
law abiding citizens so they too will be prepared if the time comes that they are
threatened by the "worst" of society.

Armor Tactical is a private company and does not directly represent any of our
respective law enforcement agencies.  All opinions and views expressed are strictly
personal and in no way shall be construed as an official opinion or view on behalf of our
respective law enforcement agencies.
Code of Conduct
While training can, and will be, fun and enjoyable the topics being covered are serious
and should be taken as such.  All safety rules will be explained prior to class and anyone
violating a safety rule will be given a warning to remind them of the safety rules.  If that
person violates the safety rules a second time they will be immediately removed from
the class without a refund.  Depending on the severity of the violation, the removed
person will be allowed to attend the class at a later date.  This is strictly enforced to
ensure the safety of all involved.  
Our Target Audience
Keeping our fundamental belief in mind, that all law abiding citizens should have the
ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, the classes we teach are meant for
defensive purposes only.  If at any time during the class it comes to our attention that a
student is not intending on using these life saving skills for defensive purposes, that
student will be refunded their payment and removed from the class.  No questions asked
and no recourse offered.  Money is not the primary objective of our training.
"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace" - General George
Armor Tactical